About Me

My name is Rebecca Johnson, and I started My Deal Basement in 2010 after my husband and I faced financial challenges that forced us to take a good look at our spending, and get creative on ways to save money, not only on entertainment and luxury items (we were cutting those out already) but on everyday items as well!

Based out of Sacramento, CA, I own two businesses and am starting a third. While self-employment has allowed me the time and freedom to do the things I love, it has also been a roller-coaster ride for my bank account!

Many of my friends are self-employed, under employed or unemployed altogether, and while I don't like to "blame" the economy, it certainly hasn't helped!

I have made many attempts over the years to use coupons and "cut back", but it wasn't until our world was so rocked by our closing of a business, being without any unemployment (since we were self-employed) and faced with my husband's year long health crisis that I was forced to put all I knew into practice and set on a mission to learn more!

I think you will find that I am pretty realistic about the amount of time I spend to find a good deal. I currently do not have a huge stockpile or spend excessively on things I don't need. I DO, however, LOVE a clearance and am getting used to the exhilarating feeling of beating the retailers at their game!

My husband Dan and I still reside in Sacramento, CA with our "furry kids" and my mother-in-law!