Friday, May 20, 2011

"Cheap" Gas at Safeway!

Yes, that's right... I said $3.89 is CHEAP for gas! Here in Sacramento, CA, gas is coming down but it was nearly $5 a gallon and has been steadily decreasing this past week or so. Today, I found the cheapest gas to be $3.99/gal at Arco and Safeway! Yes, Safeway!

We have several Safeway Stores with gas stations in our area. The other day when I checked out at Safeway, the clerk reminded me that I had "earned" $.10/gal credit from my shopping there! I remembered that today, and got my gas for $3.89/gal! WOOHOO!

Be sure to check your receipts- it should be listed at the bottom, how many gas rewards you have earned and the date in which to use them by!

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