Saturday, May 21, 2011

Smart and Final: Great Finds and How to Shop!

I popped into Smart and Final the other day just to see what was there! I scored a few great deals!

Here are some tips for shopping the restaurant supply type stores:

Look for Clearance!

Smart and Final (at least the one near me) always has baked goods on clearance for 50% off - and they are good! I picked up a dutch crunch apple pie yesterday for $1.49. An ENTIRE PIE!

They are always marking down their fresh produce, lettuce, salad fixings etc. as they near expiration. If you eat veggies its a great way to get a good variety for a low cost. I got a pack of Zucchini Squash with 6 HUGE squash for $1.99. They were $1.99 per lb other places.

Look for Larger Quantities of things you use most:
Sometimes Bigger is better (but not always!). Compare the unit price to that of the stores where you regularly shop. If the unit price is cheaper, it's a better deal to go bigger!

Canned items like beans and veggies are often cheaper in larger cans. For instance, My family loves beans- black beans, pinto, white and kidney- my husband cooks with them all the time. A small can of black beans can cost me $1 on a good shopping day (not so many coupons available for beans I guess). I found large can (equal to 3 smaller cans) for $1.99 - sale price at Smart and Final. Much better deal than buying 3 smaller cans!

Check the Meat Dept!
I found Chicken Quarters for $.99 a lb! WAY Cheaper than anywhere else I have been recently!

Unfortunately, you can't use coupons at Smart and Final and places like it, so it's good to check them on occasion for those good deals!

Please tell me what deals you have found at Smart and Final! Comments are always welcome!

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